Classic Whiskey Cooling Stones

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Ready to be the king of class and style? Grab a few of our world-renowned Whiskey Stones and reach the pinnacle of manliness. No true connoisseur of liquor would be caught dead without one!
Whiskey Stones are cubes of solid soapstone that will chill your liquor without diluting it.

Unlike ice, Whiskey Stones are non-porous and thus odorless and tasteless. So, adding Whiskey Stones to your favorite bourbon will chill the spirit without affecting its taste.

Because soapstone retains its temperature longer than ice, Whiskey Stones provide for a more sustained chill.

Softer than granite, soapstone won't inadvertently scratch your glass.

Hand-crafted in Vermont in America's oldest soapstone workshop, Whiskey Stones are the perfect gift for the refined connoisseur of spirits.

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